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Video Productions

Here is a showcase of some of the video productions we’ve completed. All videography, sound recording, audio engineering, motion graphics, VFX, and other post and pre-production work was created by TinBug Design Studios. Many clients have requested their videos not be posted publicly, but allow us to show them to you privately upon request. 

Brand Commercials

Automotive Motion Graphics – Chevy Equinox EV


We had the opportunity to create a look for automotive videos in a vertical format. A vehicle naturally fits well in a horizontally shot video, so the challenge was that we needed to create the video in a vertical format that still showed the entire vehicle in a unique, compelling, exciting way. Using basic footage from General Motors, we created a completely new edit, motion graphics, and custom music composition, timed to quicken the pulse and create a desire to own the vehicle.

PonyUp Introduction Video

TinBug Design Studios combined green screen footage with product footage to create a high-energy promo for the newly launched PonyUp POS system. The challenge was to show the difference between traditional dull merchant credit card systems vs the slick, fast, colorful interface of PonyUp. This while also showcasing the take-payments-from-anywhere mobile reader made this video a successful campaign.

Rainbow Cookware Use and Review with Netflix Celebrity Chef Mike Eckles

Tinbug Design Studios had the privilege of capturing Chef Mike’s expertise in his professional kitchen at Abode Fine Dining. Chef Mike frequently ventures into private residences to craft unforgettable culinary experiences for discerning palates. Tinbug was responsible for producing the final video, incorporating CGI animations, dynamic motion graphics, and original music composition

Rainbow’s latest offering is a consumer-grade cookware collection designed to rival restaurant-quality equipment. The product faces scrutiny from renowned Netflix chef, Mike Eckles, as he unboxes, uses, and shares his candid assessment of the set. Does this new cookware live up to its hype? Tune in to discover!

Nano Magic Product Video

TinBug crafted a commercial for Nano Magic to submit to Costco. The object was to showcase the effects of the product on water drops on automobile windshields. This was a challenge because both water and windshields are clear, so we had to create or select lighting conditions that best achieved this. We used a special material to tint the water on the final shot and light it with backlights for a very dramatic effect.

Amazon Product Video

Introducing the weird gadget with the even weirder name: The PKS-EZ2-USE. It keeps your toilet paper roll from spinning out of control.

Why do we need it? If you have cats, dogs, or small children, you already know.

OK, so how does it work? You slip it over your existing toilet paper spindle and it creates just the right amount of friction with the toilet paper roll where you can easily pull the paper from the roll, but it slows it down so it can’t roll uncontrollably all over the floor.

But, that still doesn’t explain the weird name. Well, the inventor is a scientist. A very technical scientist and it made sense to him. That’s all we can say about that, haha!

Smitten Mascot Creation and Animation

TinBug designed a company mascot and new logo for Michigan Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. Next, we created a short animation to introduce the mascot for their company internally and to clients. Next, we take on the challenge of creating a physical mascot costume!

Swingfit AI Interview With Jim McLean

TinBug Design Studios composed elements for a 2-part interview video series for Swingfit with golf pro, Jim McLean. The production included custom motion graphics, titles, and music production.

Commando Locks Website Promo Video

Commando Lock Intro – American Manufacturing, Padlocks & Security. Commando Locks are durable, high quality and secure and made in Michigan with US and Global components. All video, editing and product photography on the website was produced by TinBug Design Studios.

The Lobb Law Firm

Personal injury can be a very traumatic experience. The Lobb Law Firm specializes in these cases and therefore has the experience to legally and emotionally provide the support someone needs to get them through this difficult situation. TinBug Design Studios set out to capture this emotion and convey the positive impact the Lobb Law Firm staff and lawyers have had on them.

We had to have a tissue box handy while shooting these videos, because they were very moving. We we’re extremely impressed by how much this law firm treated their clients as if they were family and proud to share these moments.

Media Company Promotional Video

We created a promo for a media company as a pitch to become the company’s Creative Director. Since then, we’ve rebranded the company and built all related websites, email marketing, social channels, graphics, ebooks, and video production for the next five years.

TV Series Pilot

This pilot for a TV series features several entirely virtual settings achieved through green screen technology, color correction, the incorporation of motion graphics, audio production, and the seamless integration of multimedia elements.

Anissa Lea Debut Album Release Promo

Anissa Lea is an American-Italian singer/ songwriter from Detroit, Michigan, who captivates her listeners with heartfelt original songs and soulful renditions of standards. TinBug Design Studios edited video and audio along with constructing motion graphics and final mastering.