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Meet Our Team

We are so blessed to have the most talented bunch of creatives working with us. Without these people, we wouldn’t be creating the amazing work that our clients have come to expect from TinBug Design Studios. Each team member has not only a finely tuned set of skills, but also the creativity to use them in a way that constantly surprises and delights us all!

Thanks, each and every one of you!

Core Team

Chris Nierhaus
Founder / CEO

Ines Kistenbruegger
Business Development Strategist

David Eggli
Director of Photography

Aurora Abolio
Creative Director / Social Media

Simmi Little
Senior Art Director

David Schmitt
Senior Web Developer

Todd Litke
Drone Pilot / Robotics Engineer

Andre Trovsky
Motion Graphics / 3D Animator

Drew Bufallini
Senior Writer / UX Designer

Susie Nierhaus
Creative Writer

Elonzo Coleman
IT / Cloud Developer

Tim Edwards
Product / Model Photography

Stephie Knoll
Vinyl Graphics / Print Designer

Max Destremps
Actor / Host

Join Our Core Team!

We are always interested in adding talent and energy to our crew, whether it’s full-time or freelance. If you have creative skills and would like to hear about our current opportunities, please feel free to fill out the contact form on our home page!

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Freelance Team

One of the features that make us different from other creative agencies is the ability to expand and contract our workforce as necessary, depending on the size and/or urgency of the project. To make this work, we engage our talented network of creative professionals on an as-needed basis. This flexibility reduces the time that a client may need to wait to get their project started and allows us to put team members on the task right away.


Join Our Freelance Team!

Work from anywhere! We have opportunities to provide frequent projects if you have creative skills and experience. If you would like to be considered for our network of professionals, please feel free to fill out the contact form on our home page!

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